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When you have "too much" time & can't get going.


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Anyone experience this before? I finally have a period in my life where I could actually be getting things done but it is slipping right through my fingers as I squander my time.


Most of my life I've been very busy, very organized and would get tons of stuff done, but truly did not have time to do many important things to get ahead. Now that I have a period where I can tackle those things I have no perspective or motivation. I spend most of my free time doing things that won't matter in the end, and much of it is worrying about what I'm not getting done. I am so much less productive and efficient than I've ever been. I can't seem to get it through my skull that this is a "break" but won't last forever! I will regret not taking better advantage of this time once I'm back in the rat race.


Can you relate from some point in your life? Do you have any pointers? I keep trying...and failing.

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Start making daily goals for yourself : Make a list of things you would like to accomplish that day - cross them off as you go.


Reward yourself when you are done - whether it be a relaxing night, a glass of wine, a night out with a friend, etc.


Find out whats stopping you. For me - its this damned computer. I need it to work but I found myself spending so much time on this site and facebook I wasn't getting stuff done. So - I deleted my facebook account and limit my time on the internet.


Play upbeat music as you work.

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