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Finding someone special


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So, recently I've been seeing a few women. I'm a pretty easy guy to get on with and seem to attract a fair amount of attention, though I'm no Robert Pattinson! The problem is that all the women I've been spending time with, going on dates with and generally getting to know are not really what I'm looking for. I wouldn't say I'm picky, though I do have certain preferences, a good sense of humour, likes to laugh, energetic, full of bounce etc. I have a ton of interests and pursue them whenever I can, it just seems as though the type of women I tend to attract are timid/introverted.


My last two relationships ended somewhat prematurely, the first ended because I wasn't quite over my ex at the time and the second we just didn't seem to click. I'd really hate to come accross as someone who 'uses' women just to say, "I went out with her," but I could understand how people might begin to get this impression from the recent string of failed dates/relationships. It just seems like I'm wasting my time at the moment.


I'm just wondering how all of you met the people that you've formed relationships with, people who had the values you looked for in a partner. Was it just a chance meeting at a bus stop or did you meet somewhere you both enjoyed a particular hobby or something.

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