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The mind plays tricks


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Me and my ex broke up during the summer and got back together. I was on this board most of the summer. Things were still , however, we would argue because she was hot and cold to me and she had an issue of staring at other dudes. She would also treat everyone like she was totally happy but with me it was like she was ihor from winnie the poo. The turning point was when it go physical between us. I was trying so hard to make things right between us.


She broke up with me because she said I didn't trust her. It was about two months since she called me out of the blue saying that someone was calling her and texting her. I told her no and she goes on to talk about how much she loved me and she only wanted me and she wanted to marry me.


So I break down and tell her I missed her and that maybe we can take it slow, and that I am going to counseling, she keeps stating that she wants to be single. She ends up hanging up on me. She calls me too days later and tells me she was sorry she found out who it was calling her.


This was three weeks ago and I am having issues with it now.


Whats wrong with me, all my friends tell me that I am crazy for even caring. Why do I care what she is doing and who she is with!! ](*,)

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