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Aaahh - dont know what to do.

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Hi guys,


Brief recap for those that dont know my story. My girlfriend and I were together for about 3 years, living together, until in December she said she wasnt sure about us. She lived with her sister for the next 2 months seeing me for dates and stuff, and was hot/cold/hot/cold throughout this. Then 3 weeks ago she said it was over and left. She moved her stuff out a couple of days later. Obviously i am distraught.


Throughout our relationship we were in constant contact all day every day with texts, emails and phone calls. One of these calls would always be at 5.10'ish when she finished work and was walking to the train.


Today is 3 weeks and 3 days since she left, and day 5 of NC. She broke the last one emailing me about a financial tie. (she doesn't know im going NC).


Well today i come out of work and notice a missed call on my mobile, from her at 5.08. Now im going out of my mind. This could have been a missed call? But what if its not? What if she is in trouble or needs help?


I dont know what to do, should i return her call?



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