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Indescribable and Strange Urges with Mood Swings

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This time last year I had a bout of extreme generalised anxiety, which triggered when I was going through some personal problems.


I have a history of depression since being a teenager. The past couple of years I have also gone through periods of this anxiety. When I have the anxiety i wake up early in the morning full of energy and my heart will be beating a thousand to the minute.


If I have to sit still my stomach churns or i start tapping my foot or fidgeting. It feels like I have all this energy and thoughts are going through my head so fast that I cant focus on a particular thing. I get these urges, to just get up and run about screaming. It feels like I'm going to burst and its very uncomfortable believe it or not.


Also Ive noticed when I get restless like this it tends to last a month or two. When Im feeling really low Im tired all the time and I cant motivate myself to do anything. When Im feeling like this I get urges to improve my life, change careers or do something different. Usually my family and friends tend to not listen when I tell them my plans because I never end up following them through. They are always kind of impractical, or when I become sad again I cant be bothered. i swing from hobby to hobby, and I can get EXTREMELY obsessed with things.


I can obsess on something for hours when I'm feeling low. I analyze everything. Im not sure anyone understands. I never have any money it seems to just disappear. I sometimes come off as a bit strange I think because other people dont seem to get it.


Its like a constant state of butterflies, and it feels horrible like extreme anxiety but sometimes it feels kinda exciting.


Its starting to worry me a bit. Ive been feeling really down lately and thats still there but the last week I have been hyperactive and full of energy. I have no money to go out with so I'll go home from work and be SO BORED and i cant even concentrate on anything enough! One minute i feel like crying and then next I feel like laughing my head off for no real reason. When Im feeling hyper and think of exciting new projects, when people put things in the way or explain the practicality, Im very quick to anger and generally rather irritable when Im in this state. Very easy to annoy! But also quite impulsive..


Does anyone get what I mean? can anyone offer me guidance?

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Dam, you're almost completely similar to me. The obsession, the mood swings, the impulsivity, being distracted easily, anger, ... we probably both have a mix of ADHD and bipolar disorder. I've felt like this since I was a teenager too and if I knew how to get rid of it I would tell you right away. I'm afraid it's something that will affect us for the rest of our lifes. But don't despair, there is hope ! I can tell you how I try to live with it and make the best out of it. You could also ask a specialist, but they usually don't really help. That's because they're more focused on the problem they have to "fix" instead of the person itself. They'll also prescribe you alot of pills which have strange after affects somrtimes.


Learning what makes you happy and sad is key ! Because then you can concentrate on what makes you happy and avoid the situations that make you sad or angry. Once you know that, you can try to control yourself. You also need some courage. Courage to accept that alot of the negative thoughts that cross your mind aren't always as true and desicive as you think they might be !

You said that you are often bored. Doing nothing is often the base of depression. I'll explain it simply:

A) Something negative happens / you let it affect you / getting emotional and lack of motivation


B) Doing nothing


C) Because you do nothing, there is also nothing in your life that can get better or progress


D) Because nothing is changing, you get even more depressive. Your self esteem is decreasing ( because obviously it looks like you are going nowhere in life ) and you lose even more motivation


E) Your life stagnates because you are stuck in a viscious circle of negativity. This negativity however, is usually over-dramatisation.


What you can do about it


A) An agenda and to-do list


What you need is order and stability in your life. For that, you have to break the vicious circle. You to DO something because when you are busy, you're mind is usually concentrated on that. What you also need is positive feedback and things that are good for your self esteem: Achievements.


Achievements don't have to be hard. Cleaning up your room can be an achievement for a depressive person.


What I suggest is that you make a to-do list and create and agenda. You'll have long-term goals and short-term goals. Realise the short-term goals first ( usually, something short that you can do on a day ) On that to-do list you'll have even the most simple things like:


- Phone to a friend

- Paying a bill

- Cleaning up your room

- Send an email


Next to each goal on that list, you'll have an empty case. When you finished it you put a little cross in that case. Watch how the to-do list slowly fills up with crosses. It will give you a feeling of achievement It will also help you to keep track of what has to be done and as a way to organise your life.


B) Use your free time


If you are bored, it's because you have too much free time. The answer is simple: Find hobbies or create some. They don't have to be expansive.


Sports is a great way to feel better: It occupates your mind, it shapes your body, it can be a social activity and it creates hormones that stimulate the brain. Sport is a great stress reliever ! Swimming is very efficient because it makes all your muscles work ( exept one for the men ) and it's cheap !


Then you have hobbies that are related to arts: Music, painting, drawing, dancing, ... Do you like any of these ? The more active or social a hobby is, the better.


Avoid hobbies like gaming. Even though it's social and can be great fun if you're good at them, they tend to enhance depression. Gaming is often considered as "escapism"

Change your looks


Something simple like a new haircut or some bodycare. A fresh look for a new person Having a change from time to time might enhance the love for yourself, especially if other people compliment you. Stay yourself tough !


Get in touch with your friends


A human being needs social connections in order to be happy and stimulate his brain. I think that we learn the most out of other people. Even if you need your own oppinions, it's also great to have their point of view ! It's also great to share your hobbies with others. Show them love, and you'll get it back !


Get outside of the house


Depression is also caused due to lack of change, lack of brain stimulation. When you stay in the same room 24/7, you'll sure get depressed. It's almost summer now so there's alot more sun outside. When it's sunny, get outside of your room and go for a walk in the park, a walk in the local shopping center. Anything outside.


Get a pet


They'll give you a a lovely companion and a reason to care about someone. Nothing more beautifull then the love between a pet and his master. At least an animal stays faithfull ! If it's a dog, you also have a reason to go outside ^_^


Clean your house


Trash makes depressive. Electronics also make depressive. It's been scientifically proven. That's because electronics are spreading certain electrmagnetic waves around. Since the human brain works with electric connections between neurons, we're affected by it. Avoid having electronics in the rooms where you live and sleep, because they will toast your brain.

The brain is also very sensitive to odours. A house with a nice smell is more likely going to make you feel happy. Remember that !




Well that's about it for now. I hope it helps ! Don't despair dear, there are people like you out there. Did you know that most of the great minds that have been walking on this earth were affected by psychological disfunctions? It's a price you pay for the great things that are to come !

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Hi tarkan,


I just feel at a loss! Im particularly edgy and twitchy today. I'll run around doing menial things like a madwoman, but all the while I get headaches because theres so much going on up there i cant breathe and focus on one thing. Im feeling like a terrible mess..


I know it sounds strange, although its quite a horrible feeling, its exactly the same as extreme excitement/nerves about I'm not quite sure what..All this adrenaline rushing through me.


If Im honest when I was about 18 (I'm now 24) I tried drugs once..and the only thing i can compare this to is the feeling of being on amphetamines or something. Pounding heart..rushing from anxiety/paranoia to wanting to dance around and scream and shout!


Its terribly exhausting. This is only the second of third time I have experienced this over the course of about 3 years. It could be possible that Im displaying mild symptoms of Bipolar, that makes some sense. But I always had bipolar down as being a more extreme condition. All I know is when my mind is rushing, if I stay still for too long I start getting the shakes and panick, to the point where I can't always function properly.


Great advice by the way..Easier said than done but I shall try.


I just feel like screaming!

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It really also sounds a bit like ADHD. Those sudden rushes of energy, the need of movement and exitement when staying still, being rushed, ... I have them too and they're usually followed by moments of calm, like if you burned all the energy inside. That's why I say that you have to DO things: To avoid having too much energy at the end of the day. Do you sometimes have body spasms ? Like if you had to push out the energy ? Your screaming might be explained by that. I do that sometimes, just like that, because it has to come out. Either yelling, either dancing or laughing


Have you tried taking a warm bath, herbal essences or a warm thee to calm you down ?


If there is so much to do, you really need organisation. I often feel the same as you and I found out it was because I always start everything at the last moment. Most people that say they "had no time" usually have the time, they just don't use it well. But that's something you have to try on your own. Ask people to motivate you maybe ? I asked my mom to kick my but in the past if I didn't start working


I know it's easier said then done but you'll have to do it, otherwise you gonna stay with the same problems. I'm sure you can do it !

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Tarkan gives excellent advice!

I am also very similar, it has calmed down a bit with age. I used to get these megalomaniac urges to save mankind and then I'd sink into insignificance faced by my mortality. I went to my doctor back then to speak to him because I was concerned by the extremes, I used to feel so overwhelmed with life, the beauties and the futility as well. I went through a phase where I felt reborn, suddenly everything was new and alive as if it was the first time I saw them. So I was mesmerised by the miracle of life but later I would sink into melancholy. This lasted for 2 years. He said to me that this happens to creative people sometimes. It is true it calmed down with age.


As Tarkan said it has a lot to do with disciplining your brain. And doing more physical things because they ground you. Also having small goals so you feel that you are achieving. This reduces the anxiety that life is happening and you are not part of it. When you go into obsession and over dramatisation bring yourself back and say "is it worth me thinking about all that?" "what do I gain?". The secret is to live in the present, in the moment. Obsessive thinking is another form of avoiding reality and therefore responsibilities. If you're anything like me I think I do that because I didn't trust myself deep down that I will make the right decision. Because usually my outlook was different to most and I would doubt myself. If you're told that you're "out there", strange, up in the clouds then it's very hard to believe you can do things right. But I say trust yourself, maybe your way is different but it works for you and above all you will follow your nature.


Those things that Tarkan suggests are ways of taking responsibility of your life. When you do that you won't feel so anxious. Also you will feel more confident and competent and that will aleviate the depressive feelings.

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