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I got what I wanted... but now I'm stressing


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I landed a job as the news editor for the university paper, and the next day, I recieved a call from the managing editor for a city paper holding a summer internship. There are a few more things he needs to check/do, but he said that me and two other women will start the internship in May. I've gotten barely any Journalism training and suddenly, I'm going to be thrown into a newsroom, I'll be doing on-the-job reporting, editing, etc.. etc... it freaks me out a bit, ya know. I just ordered some press style guides and a journalism trade paperback that looks as though it could be very useful... if I can find time to read these books and really study them while the semester is ending! I definitely have to get my driver's license now, or I'll be a useless reporter... the transit here is awful. So that is a big source of anxiety for me.


Then there is the editing job at the campus paper. That's a great opportunity for me. I'm going to be in charge of three pages of news and will be responsible for recruiting contributors, etc... it's a paid position- full-time. It's really awesome and just what I have been working towards. The problem lies in that I don't want to give up my part-time job (soft spot to land on if after grad doesn't turn out as planned) but I just don't know how I am going to hold a full time job, a part time job, and a full courseload.


On top of all of that, my boyfriend is talking about buying houses and getting married within the next couple of years. Argh. Be careful what you wish for, indeed.

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