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Anybody here on NuvaRing?

scared and alone

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I was on it for about a year. Its ok, easy to put in and take out. I never felt it in there and it didn't move or fall out at all. Sometimes my partner could feel it but it wasn't anything uncomfortable.


I started to forget which weeks I was in, so I decided to go on the pill so I could get into an everyday routine of remembering it instead of the 3 week on 1 week off. Works better for me to have an everyday routine.


Feel free to shoot me a pm if you have any questions.


Edit: I should add that while on the NuvaRing I never wanted sex, I had a perfectly normal sex drive before and now have regained it after being off the NuvaRing.

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Loved it. I would recommend it if you're not as good at remembering daily... You put a sticker on your calendar for the day you need to change it. I did stop using hormones altogether, however.


I read Dr. Laura Berman's take on how it really does mess up our libido among many other things in our bodies. After that, I got an IUD.


The IUD is GREAT!!

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Thanks for all the feedback! And its funny, my bf suggested nuvaring, yet he thinks we don't have much of a sex life. I wonder if he knows about the lack of wanting sex with this. haha


Spearntime, tell me more about this IUD, please! I've only heard the name, i don't know anything about it!


just FYI apparently the iud causes fertility problems

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I'm on Nuva! I love it! I have a huge sex drive, and it doesnt do anything to me! I wasnt really emotional before my periods when I wasnt on it, so the the only thing that changed was I actually get upset over silly things when I'm nearing my period. But then during my period i'm fine. SO it's like 3 days of being silly and the rest of the month I'm fine. I love it!

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I was on it for 3 years...experienced loss of libido (seriously didn't even THINK about sex...but this is after a few years), less wetness during sex and less vaginal discharge at other times of the month. It also lengthened my period to a full week. At first, the ring made my frequent UTIs and yeast infections less frequent, but by the end of the three years, I was getting UTIs at the drop of a dime.


Upsides: experienced no spotting, period regular, no unwanted pregnancies, and it never came out or did anything weird like that.


I went off of it hoping my libido would go up. It's been about three months since I went off of it now, and I'm back to feeling sexual (but not 100%). No more UTIs. However, my period still has not returned (I haven't had a period for 4 months! and not preggo). I also noticed that now that I am off of the birth control, I have been growing more dark hairs on my face than I ever had before. It's sort of strange.


Personally, I would stay away from hormonal BC. It doesn't seem like such a big deal when you're on it, but it really messes with your body chemistry. I hope I'll be back to normal eventually. Never thought I'd be looking forward to getting my period back.

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