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have you guys had this experience?

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Out of curiosity,


Have you guys ever liked a girl a lot, spent time with her, found her attractive, but then after several months lost interest in her? (Perhaps she seeemd like she was a bit out of character, or not like the girl you first met- not anything unusual, just she seemed kind of pessemistic, a bit needy and emotional), but then after not seeing her for a while.... you ended up bumping into eachother/she contacte you, and then you started liking her again and spending time with her again like before?


Id love to hear your stories.



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I'm assuming the person in the story is you right?


Who knows. I think the odds are against you. Love is just harsh and the best thing you can do is forget it because you'll just put yourself through too much pain thinking about it. I for one constanstly think about my ex and how nice it'd be to get my feelings back for her but basically they're mostly gone. I do care for her but the feelings I need for a relationship just aren't there.


Seriously my best advice is to move on unless you can find a love pill you can give to your ex.

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I think it's easy for guys to like you again. In my experience with guys and from talking to guys about their girl problems, people (so ya, guys) tend to find it easy to fall back into an old flame. They obviously were attracted to you at some point. You're still the same person, so ya! I don't think it's an entirely lost cause, but more info is needed to truly comment.

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I posted my story a couple of weeks about what happened. Its kind of long though, but basically, I felt that the guy I liked was more distant than before, and because of this I got more insecure/pessimistic around him, and ended up telling him to go away and crying in front of him, and I told him its not gonna work, and gently pressured him to be in a relationship with me (I realize its kinda funny I did that now)..Like I told him its not gonna work, we want different things, and he said i guess, and im like why and he said "wellt he distance for one thing" (He lives far away)..........

But he still wanted to see me before this situation happened.

So basically, I kind of freaked out and told him to go away, and he said ok, and left. I later apologized to him saying sorry about the way I spoke to you. But he just said, its ok, I understand why you did it that way. and he said whenever I am in his town, we should go for coffee. I have never been in his town though, lol and most likely will never go there. (He always came here).

Anywyas, we did really like eachother, but the flame we had kind of went off a little bit. But I still really miss him, and our times together and I cant forget him.



He might be coming here again in April and I wanted to be friends with him again. But im not sure if for men, their feelings can come and go easily. (Like you like a girl, then you dont, then you do again.) You know what I mean?

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