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Dear John book/movie


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So, I recently read a couple of Nicholas Sparks books... Dear John and The Lucky One... I enjoyed both.


Since the Dear John movie is out, a friend of mine wanted to borrow the book from me. I told her that I really enjoyed it except the ending didn't leave me with the best feeling... I'm really not the biggest critics of books though. Either I like it or it was okay or I didn't finish it.


So, she read it... and quickly and very passionately gave it back to me and exclaimed she was turned off by everything in the book from the characters, to the story line etc. but went ahead and watched the movie anways - which she also disliked passionately. Go figure.


I haven't watched the movie yet. Probably a rental I believe.


What is your opinion? on the book? the movie? the entire story?

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I've seen the film and it really annoyed me. The first part was really good because you believe these two people are so in love despite the obstacles between them and they persevere and write to eachother constantly. Then out of the blue she randomly dumps him for no reason, marries her friend, and undermines the whole point of the story. It makes their love seem superficial and fickle, and you just wonder why it's worth making a movie about.

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I agree with samantha. I found the movie so shallow. There was several years between reading the book and seeing the movie, so my comparison was a little off...but when the movie finished I was thinking "Thats it?!" I didn't really enjoy it at all. And the people who seem to enjoy the movie never read the book [or only went because of who John was!]

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I find that no one I know that read the book enjoyed the movie. I never read the book though and saw the movie with my parents, and we all loved it. It was just lighthearted and sweet. Cliche and simplistic but it was enjoyable for me. The only Nicholas Sparks book I've read is The Last Song and I thought it was a cute easy read, although predictable and again cliche. I think he's good at being sappy and providing easy reads but his books are not literature and they don't make for movies with a lot of scope.

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I made the mistake of reading the book first. It was a few parts i was like this =O I hate when they change stuff around. But im a HUGE HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan. I've been reading his stuff for years. Not one of my favorite books or movies by him but all in all it was not to bad.

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