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Operation No Contact In Progress

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He left..I know I deserve better, and I know it's his loss, and I know I can do better than him - but why do I still feel like * * * * about our relationship crashing and burning?


One thing I do know is...I feel better having No Contact. No more attempts of getting in touch with him, and not getting through then having my heartbroken all over again.


Long story short my ex left and moved back 1700 miles away back home because he felt seriously homesick and wasn't happy here with me and basically isn't willing to surround his life around our relationship together. I've accepted that.


About a month after he left I told my ex that I needed to stop talking to him because we were still talking on the regular basis and our conversations regularly got intimate. While that was going on he is already attempting to talk to other girls...and I would hurt every time I found out but couldn't exactly move on and talk to other guys too. I mean, he was telling me things like how excited he is about meeting up with me but then I'd find that he's been emailing girls on craigslist for an intimate encounter. So that's why I brought up the whole no contact thing...I just need to move! But man, when I told him that, it really felt like I was breaking up with him and it was hell the first couple of days for me.


Today I saw his status update on myspace and the girl who was the main topic of our problems responded to it. I felt like I just got slapped in the face (if you've been following my story you'd know what I'm talking about) but anyways, today I decided to remove him from myspace, facebook, and messengers so that I can truly have no contact and to keep this Operation No Contact going.

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Good for you.


Love creates an addictive chemical cocktail in our brain. When we withdraw from the relationship, it takes 3 - 4 weeks for our brains to stop producing the same levels of chemicals. So the worst of the withdrawals happens in the first month.


Unfortunately, every time we have contact with them, no matter how that contact occurs, it sets us back to zero on the recovery and withdrawal stakes. No contact means no contact, cyber or otherwise.


There is only one way to do this if you want to heal quickly and get your happy self back - cold turkey. Its hard, its even brutal sometimes, but unless you want to be in the same emotional state as your in six months from now, there's no option.


Good luck!



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