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So I asked him to hang out...


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So as some of you may know I am really attracted to my assistant manager at work. Today was my last day there (I'm going to school about 45 minutes away) so I thanked him for being a really great manager. I went on to say that working with him has had a really positive influence on me and how he brings out the best. He seemed a little surprised but said thanks and to come back and visit. The rest of the convo sort of went like this...

Me: Yea you should come out to the city and hang out on one of your days off.

Him: Yea I've been wanting to go out to the city. Next week I'm off Monday/Friday but I'm trying to get a set schedule for school.

Me: I don't start classes until Thursday and I don't have Friday classes.

Him: That's cool. We could study. Did I ever tell you I'm working on my masters? (and then we talked about that for a second, we are the same major)...Yea just give me a call next week. Do you want my number?

Me: I already have it on my phone number list.

Him: Ya just call me.


And we just sort of left it at that.... I guess I just never know when people agree to hang out sometime in the future, if they really mean it or they just don't want to be rude. Normally I would tell myself go for it. But a couple of things tell me he was just being nice. First, the whole line about how he said we could study, I wasn't sure how to take it. Second, he has his arms crossed, and I know body language is important. So I don't know...


Some background information...I already know he likes someone else, but they couldn't date b/c they worked together, but now she isn't at the store so I'm not really sure on their "status." So I'm not expecting anything more than friendship. Also, he's told me I'm one of his favorite workers and he wanted to promote me to manager if I wasn't leaving.


Any opinions would be great! Btw, does anyone ever get nervous that the people you talk about on the threads will somehow come accross it and know it's you? lol

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He told you to call him and even offered his number, I'd say that's a positive sign.


Give him a call or text next week and ask if he wants to grab drinks or dinner in the city. It can't hurt.


Yea, part of me thought he offered his number was b/c I already had my phone in my hand and I opened it. I have a weird habit of always opening and closing my phone, I don't know why....ahh, I'm probably overthinking this way to much! Funny how we can read other people's situations like black and white, but then just see our own as grey fuzziness.

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