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what to do to keep the heat


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I don't think I can say we are long-distance couple since we are not committed to each other yet. However, I really want to try to make it happen even though there is a distance over 6000 miles between us.


my situation is briefly described in the following:

We have been known each other for about a year; an elder friend introduced us to each other. Since I had been studying overseas, we have been chatting on the Internet ever since then. Within this year, I went back to my country twice to meet him up and we went out together for holidays too. Everything seems to be just fine.

I know he is quite popular and many girls are interested in him; however, he is not yet committed to any one of them, that is something I am pretty much sure and that is also the reason why I want to give it a try since the longer I know him, the more I am attracted. I like his personality and philosophy (life value).


However, the problem is:

We share some common hobbies and interests and those are what we basically talk about on the Internet almost every day.

However, it becomes a bit difficult to keep our conversation lively since the topics might be repeated once in a while.

Then I am really worried and wondering what else I can do to keep the internet chatting appealing to him?


Also, is there anything I can do besides chatting on msn?


I checked the web site named Things for LDR couples to Do

It does provide a variety of things for a couple; however, we are not yet. Thus, I find it a bit difficult for me to apply these tips into my situation.


Please could any kind person give me some suggestions?


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How often do you chat with him? If it's every single day, you're bound to run out of things new things to say to each other. Keep it fresh by talking a little less often.


You can also use Skype to talk. It's like talking on the phone over the internet with a webcam. It's a completely free service.

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Thank you for the quick reply; it feels so good when someone can hear me. I feel I am quite isolated when it comes to relationship problems.


Yes, we chat every day. Due to time difference (8 hours), I can only chat with him when he is off work at night.


I once thought of using skype; however, the difficulty is I never try to ask him to talk to me intensively.


Well, yes, we chat every day but with msn we may chat for a while (by typing) and then we both work on something else and then get back to msn and chat for another while.... and till he goes to bed.


I might be too considerate. Since he works very late and only got 2 or 3 hours free for leisure during weekday. With 8 hour time difference, I try my best to get online when he is online too. Since we are not committed couple yet, honestly, I never try to ask or require him to concentrate on chatting with me only during the valuable leisure/relaxing time. Besides, I have a concern.... will it be too much for him if I ask him to skype me since we are not couple yet? I meant....yes, i skype friends when there are things to share or to discuss.... I don't know..... I feel it so nature and easy to skype friends or even use webcams with friends but never easy to ask for the same thing from someone I like.


However, it's a very good suggestion and I reallly want to do so if I 'sense' he also feels like using skype in not-so-far-away future.



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