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To get to know somebody...


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Lets say you met someone new. You have talked a lot and have asked each other all the typical questions you could ask somebody. Google can't even find you some new questions to ask.....


This is the case for me hehe. I'm just trying to see if anybody has some obscure questions I could ask a girl...some stuff that will help me get to know her. I want stuff that is NOT typical....(i know somebody is going to say "what is your name?") meaning, not common. I want some unique questions, maybe your experiences in the past may have made a new question for you to ask in your next relationship..or something like that ya know? Right now me and her are having fun getting to know eachother...but I still want to dig deeper..with some deeper type questions..any help? ^_^


Edit: I guess I could add that I'm deployed and will still be for a little over a month more so we can't be together just yet to get to know eachother in person...Just figured that might prevent some silly questions like "is she good at robbing banks?" or something.....

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What? lol what do you want to know?


If someone seems interesting enough I guess I just ask about their interests (that ones a pretty typical one), their views on whatever -- current issues, politics, religion, what their childhood, high school, etc. were like... what/if their study is like, where they work, where they have worked, what they want to do in the future, the next year, the next 6 months, where they like to go out, what they like to drink


...okay clearly i could go on & on...

but i'm a big talker!

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Bah! Thats all typical stuff we already talked about all of that...I want some deep stuff like "whooaa duuuude...thats tooootally deep maaan...its like...the univerrssee maannnnn" stuf. Nam' sayin? lol.


Haha. Get drunk or high then.

No but really, what do you consider getting to really "know" someone??

I guess once I've gotten past all the generic questions - life stuff - I just talk about whatever comes to mind! Sorry I'm no help!

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Here's the most obscure thing I've debated with a man before, and it was a fascinating conversation.


People as a rule see in color, right? When I look at the sky, I see the colour blue. We call that particular color " blue." When you look at the sky, you also see " blue."


Well, is there any proof that the way my brain processes the color BLUE is the way YOUR brain processes GREEN? By that I mean what I see as blue is what you see as green, and if I was looking at the sky through your eyes it would appear green to my brain?


I remember asking my neuropsych professor that in university, and he tried to answer for an hour and gave up. I like to ask this question just to see what a person will respond with. It's given me a lot of insight into how my friend/partner thinks, and whether they are willing to consider the unusual.

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Like the post. I had one similar. When we are both eating I say" How do we know we both taste the food the same way?"


My version of __________(Insert food here) could be different from yours.


Oh, also...aliens. Ask her about aliens. If she believes in them? Met them? is one?

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Doesn't seem too crazy to me. If when you look at my blue, but you see my green..well then my green to you is blue. That is what you have been taught. You would never know the difference.

If you switched eyes it wouldn't make a difference because its your brain that interprets the colors. We would have to mesh brains or trade the peices of brain that interprets color.


I like the aliens one though hehe, good one! Its obscure and not something that would be commonly asked.


Anyone else?

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