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Highend department store... HELP?!


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Hey guys!


So I've got a job interview @ a high end department store coming up (Thursday). This'll be my second paid job (I've done a lot of volunteer work, and previously worked at Burger King) , and pretty far away from what I'm experienced in.


The interview is a group one and this is the description I was given:


The group interview is a part of our selection process and will assist us in determining your suitability for a position with Myer.


The entire process will take approximately 1 - 1.5 hours. It is important to be prompt as once the interview has started latecomers are not able to join the group.


You will be sitting with other candidates in small tables of approximately 8. The group interview consists of 2 parts:


Part 1 - Meet some of the Myer HR team and find out more about the company and what it's like to be a team member at Myer. You will also learn about the remainder of the recruitment & selection process that follows the group interview.


Part 2 - Group assessment, consisting of 2 or 3 team-based activities. An Observer will assess you on your overall contribution in these activities. Their role is to objectively & fairly watch and record the behaviours and contribution of each of the candidates at their table.



So now I'm INCREDIBLY nervous! I've read that the group interviews are COMPETITIVE.. basically everyone battles and yells so they have a chance to speak. Not sure how good at that I'd be. I'm not a yeller at all.


I also have no idea what to wear to the interview. Employers usually wear a white tailored shirt and a black skirt/pants and stockings.. This is fancy stuff and I'm really scared of looking out of place.


I really want to do well at the interview so I'm wondering if anyone has any tips?

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You've nothing to be nervous about. I doubt anyone shouting would get hired, and if they do then you're better off not working there. Be yourself.


They want to see someone proactive, but not pushy. Someone who speaks up when necessary, but also willing to listen. Etc. Go for balance. Go for what you would want in that same situation as a customer, from a co-worker, boss, or employee as the case may be.


In a group interview they're looking to weed out the losers, not pick winners yet.


Wear whatever the people wear in the job you're applying for. Unless it's a maintenance or warehouse job in which case dress nicely regardless. Nothing wrong with you looking better dressed than the others, if it comes to that. I'd say it'd work to your advantage.


That's my take as someone that's hired in a few different industries.


Also I think it's silly for them to explain people shouldn't be late. I wouldn't explain it. If people can't figure that out, too bad they're eliminated anyway. Helps the selection process along.

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For part 2 of the interview I'd imagine they'll give you a task to complete as a team. My advice, stay focused on the task at hand, and let your voice be heard. Don't fight to be the leader (since everyone will want to be), rather be respectful of your teammates and contribute your ideas/thoughts in a confident manner.


For your interview outfit I would pay attention to the dress code of the staff at the department store and take it one step further. Better to be over dressed than under dressed.

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Your best bet is to stay calm, collected and friendly. Don't yell or get overexcited, even if that seems to be what the rest of the people competing for the position are doing... nothing can make you stand out more than being the only sane person in a crowd, haha. But seriously, wait your turn to speak and think your answers through, smile and be positive, and things should work out!

Don't stress too much about whether or not you get the job, either; it can be helpful to view these things as an experience as opposed to a competition. If you don't win, then at least you did your best and know what to expect for next time.

Best of luck to you!

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