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A sample of my work


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I'd advise watermarking.....I'd never show my work online, unprotected and in a public forum....and the watermark centered through the image. Someone could easily crop your name from those pics....


Original and unusual work btw, which is ALWAYS the best kind. I like the first one

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My favorite is the first. The valuation and colors really bring out a sense of mystery with it. My only concern is the amount of subordination to the right-side.


The second one is very active. I love the way the form in the center-slight-right impacts the overall feeling of the image--like there's a lot of action or motion occurring from this creature at once. I would try to shoot for a more abstract background to make it seem a tad bit more surreal or less emphatic. I think it might help deliver a possible sense of environment / surroundings this way, but that's just me...


The third I think has a lot of possibilities, but like the first, I think it has some issues with subordination. What are you trying to do with it? What's your goal for the viewer?


The last one I really like. ...If only we could slightly obfuscate the form, though.


Your works remind me a lot of someone who's experimenting with different approaches. Is there a certain approach you're wanting to go toward with your works or was I right about your "testing the waters"? Regardless, you definitely have some talent.


Keep up the great work!

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I looooooooooooooooooove the first one!! I do think you should liquify her hips or something so they look more hip-shaped.. She looks a little deformed It would also be cool if her fingers were evenly splayed and her elbow didnt stick out on the right side. Or if it stuck out a lot more. It doesnt feel quite comfortable how it is. Just little technical issues, most people wouldnt notice, but I'm halfway through a photography degree haha so I have to!

I do love how the light falls though!! She could almost do with a little more light on the front of her dress tho, or if you exposed it a little longer might work also. Or it might be just the crappy quality of the image due to it being on the internet, it might look perfect in a print.


The second one is cool, but it needs a stronger focus. It doesnt feel quite sharp, and this can work, but not so much with this subject matter.. I wish it's nose and eye were sharp. Have you tried panning the shot? Use a long shutter speed - like half a second or so, and follow the animal as it moves. If it moves. I think its alive. Im from New Zealand and we dont have those here!! Haha


The third one is funny haha, what a cool pose!! It would make an awesome shoe advert I can imagine haha, which is why I reckon you should put some really amazing shoes on her and do it again, and maybe try desaturating the image a little, and also vignetting it to make it really dramatic!! You could possibly desaturate completely and then add a blue filter over the top so it looks all cool.


I dont really have any critique for the 4th one... I love the composition and the way you've vignetted it. I would suggest darkening the bubbles and lightening the fish thing - cos he is most definitely the centre of attention here. The bubble on his back is distracting but other than that I love it haha!!!


Well done I hope I wasnt too rough on you haha!

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