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She is 37 and im 23.

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(Thanks for anyone that reads it and help me along the way)


Alrighty well i been seen women for about 6 months, she is 37 and im 23. One day she said i need someone with a security and stability and she said at 23 i cant do that. SHe said she needs to look towards the future for herself and for her 2 young kids. But it weird she was the one who talked to me first and from day 1 from the gecko she knew my age. Every once in a while when we went out drinking she would always say its not going to work between us cuz of age. But then she will always back like 2 hrs later and says she cares about me and says she cant stand being away from me. Funny cuz last week showed me new place and she wanted me to come over to her place and have dinner and such. And she also said she knew my age but she doesnt care and she just wants to go alone with it. She also talked about going to mardi gras, vegas stuff like that not to long ago. Stuff started getting pretty weird about a week ago and she said in a txt you dont seem as interested in me as you used to be. And she started to be like ya only if you want me to come over..stuff like that being insecure or something..she said she wanted the best for me and she is done being wish washy and needs to find someone different closer to her age..last night she said she was coming over and she never showed up so i called her and she ignored my calls and i knew something was up..so i drove by her new place and some other dude was there...she saw me but i kept driving by...she called me like 3 hrs later and wanted to come over and said im sry but i just need to find another guy closer to my age...she has always brought up the age issue but its only been temporary or she usually only does it when she is drunk...so i dont get we go from sleeping together for the past 4 months straight to i dont want to drag this on any further i need the best for both of us...maybe i was a rebound or just a booty call i dunno or maybe she got bored of me and found someone else..i dont wanna over analyze it but it just seems kinda outta the blue...she said she loved my company and we clicked pretty well and she said the sex was some of the best she had..maybe she thought i was gona dump her cuz she thought i was less interested in her...she is a very pretty women but she is also pretty insecure..i dont know if i did something or if it was bound to happen eventually she used to always say i like you and i want to be with you..even when she went to vegas she called me like 6 times a day and at night and brought me back 300 worth of souvenirs like a month ago. I knew she had feelings for me and missed me...then like i said that one night she ignored me and was talking to that dude for a while then i caught her so i dont know if she feels guilty or what.....or it was bound to happen eventually cuz she used to always bring up the age thing..And she didnt want to be friends cuz she said she would go back to liking me..she also said this would be a lot harder for me then expected and she said she still cared for me and said if i was older or if she was younger this wouldnt be a problem...Now she just ignores me...help!

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Starting today you agree with her on anything she says- when she says that the age difference is a problem you AGREE!!! Tell her you need to find a 20 year old ( a younger woman for you) REMEMBER TO AGREE WITH HER ON EVERYTHING SHE SAYS!! NO MATTER WHAT STUPID STUFF COMES OUT OF HER MOUTH.


Also stop calling her for a while and the next time she calls just be nice and friendly but do not try and make any plans with her. If she asks you to get together, tell her that you already have plans. You will have her eating out of the palm of your hand in no time.


Now for the bad news. You older girl is probably a walk away wife in the prime of her sexual life. She wants to have sex with other men (other then her ex husband). Is the girl divorced? Separated? let me know and we will see what happens next.



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Just don't give up if you still want to be with her, but note very well that even if you two sleep together or anything you WILL STILL WANT TO LEAVE HER LATER.So my advice to you is to just enjoy her while you can but don't take it too hard cause she just there for your sex and you there for her money uh interestin, Cause she spoils youuu.

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