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How do I get over this crush?


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I don't normally get a lot of crushes but there is a guy I work with who I find very attractive, I mean the first time I saw him I was like 'whoa', and he is a nice guy and funny etc.


I feel pathetic for having these feelings about him because they probably are not reciprocated, but the problem is that I don't know for sure that he isn't interested in me and I don't think he has a girlfriend so that is causing me to have a very slight hope..but I don't want to have hope because it will mean I'll be more disappointed if/when he meets someone. I know it will feel like I've been kicked in the stomach..I don't doubt I'd get over it eventually but I still don't want that feeling!


I think I am reading into things too, like he laughs at funny things I say, but he does with other people too, and he is friendly with everyone. He has touched me a few times but just like play hitting etc and not very often.

I'm getting butterflies thinking about him, ugh, it just highlights my loneliness and unsatisfied libido.


What's a good way of getting over it?

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I can so relate - frustrating non?! Are you sure he's not interested? If you have a bit of courage you could try getting to know him better before completely ruling him out and deciding that point blank there's no interest from him.


If that's completely out of the question, the only thing I've found that helps is unfortunately staying away from them which can be easier said than done. I understand what you mean as it's extremely rare I have crushes and was a bit of a shock when I developed one just over a year ago, when you don't generally get crushes it's hard to dismiss them!


Distractions will help, staying away will help, but don't you want to find out for sure if he's interested?

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