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this is bugging me...need input and advice...


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What should i make of this?it's confusing me...and bugging me?

What should i make of all of this?

This situation is tearing me up...help!!!?

Why would a girl acquiantance at the gym you know do these things?

she's iranian i'm asian and we had some conflicts 2 years ago bordering on racial(maybe or misunderstandings)but i've tried to be more respectful lately and we have tried to be civil,but lately(the past couple of months)she has been mirroring my actions at the gym(excersize wise)and is trying to get into my friends circle and saying hi and getting closer to my friends.What's the deal?I say hi and just avoid,,,,what's her deal?even her freinds are being nicer to me(or once in awhile they will acknowledge me more)....is this some kinda trick? ...it's bugging me...Not being judgemental,but i've had so many bad experiences with iranians.I'm starting to wonder if backstabbing is a trait with them...she hasn't been to the gym in 3 months,but her guy friends are still trying to be overly frindly to me.What's the deal?I'm trying to not associate with her and go at a different time(even if she hasn't been here),and i'm still pissed from the past,but what should i make of all this?Her culture,and also one of her guy freinds might be trying to use me for music connections?his iranian son does music as well,and i just avoid him too because he hasn't been nice at times.but can be overly nice.I also gave himmy reel of music to his son one time(over the internet) Anyway,i finally saw her for about the second time in 3 months andi actually worked out at the same time she was there but just avoided her.She even came into my vicinity a couple of timesbut i kinda just didn't even make eye contact.(i'mpolite but still fumed over some things) months ago),but anyway,what should i do?When i did'n give her attention the other day,she again came in my area andwalked over and said hi and did the mirroring thing again..

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Wow... all I have to say is that some of the things written in your post... you got balls. Because there are some stuff in there that point out to racism that could offend a few members here.


Instead, why not try to be slightly honest with this girl. Have you told her that you are not interested? I know you're trying to avoid her, but she's not getting the message with your indirect approaches. You need to be more direct and assertive that you are simply not interested and to leave you alone. You don't need to go into race about this situation... just simply tell her you are not into her.


If this doesn't work, I'd suggest getting another membership at a different gym where you don't have to put up wit her. You can't be upset what has happened in the past or you're letting it eat you alive.

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you my friend have a racial issue. has nothing to do with her.


you have stereotype a race, and are prejudging her based on what other people of her culture have done to you.


im from the balkin region. most my culture would despise the greeks. but it would be ignorant for me to adopt an opinion or stereotype of a culture. just because one race has done something doesnt mean they all do.

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