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Weird Sad Feeling - Travel & Going Home


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Hey everyone, it has been a while since i have been here.


i have been living overseas (NZ) for the past 4 - 5 years and every year i fly back home to family i.e. parents, siblings, cousins etc for a month.


thing is, everytime it gets near to the flight date i get a really sick and sad feeling - like i want to burst out crying! i am supposed to be happy to see my family and dont get me wrong as i do look forward to going home but why do i feel sad at the same time? is it because i am sad to leave New Zealand to go home? But why should I? Why should i even feel this way? How do i get rid of it!!! arrghhh](*,)](*,)


Then when its time to fly back to NZ obviously i get the feeling again. But this time I know it is more about me being sad leaving my mum and sister again. Gosh its really confusing. I wonder if anyone else ever feels the same way. Do you go back annually? Do you get the same feeling? It is really hard to explain.


Sorry about this silly post:sad:

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I guess you really miss your home, friends and family and the memories you share. The sick feeling? It could just be that you're nervous in going back a lot of people are very very excited to see their family especially if they do not see each other all the time, so they get 'jitters.' It's natural to feel that way. I personally do not experience that but I do feel that way sometimes when I'm going on a trip to somewhere new, the feeling of anticipation of meeting new people. Yeah, it's sad to leave a place right after you have visited it. But it's completely normal.

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