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What is wrong with me?


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I met a great guy recently. He seems to have his priority straight and is really into me. For a 40 yo guy, he has a great physique and is fairly good looking, yet I can't find myself being attracted to him.




There's nothing wrong with you. There's a difference between the bulleted list we look for in a prospective mate and just looking over at someone, hearing him/her speak/smile/laugh and KNOWING it's right.


A laundry list isn't the solution to attraction. It just steers us in the right direction.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with you on any degree.

So if i were to talk to any girl with a brain and a body id have to like her? not always,

there are just some things you look for, even if all of those criteria are met, if that "feeling" isn't there, it isnt going to happen

But try to get to know him, if you don't already - congrats on knowing what you want though, first steps to actually getting what you want =P

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