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I can't figure out what's wrong...


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I've been going out with my girlfriend for about 2 months now. We go places that she wants to go, run errands together, and do pretty much anything just to have an excuse to spend time with each other.


I've never had a girlfriend before her, and she's only had 1 boyfriend before me. I waited about 3 or 4 dates in before I kissed her, and for the month or so after that, it seemed like things were progressing, a few more kisses, more physical contact like hand holding, etc. Now, whenever I pick her up and drop her off at the end of a night, i only get a hug, or she turns and will only give me her cheek to kiss goodnight.


I don't -think- that she is not interested in me anymore, because she still talks about future events that she wants me to be included in with her. But I also can't figure out what's up with her...

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It sounds like she's using you to go places with her so she doesn't have to do stuff alone. Do you guys ever do things that YOU want to do? Or is it always things that she wants to do? Because if it's yes to the second question, then you are being used. Especially if you're the one always driving (which it sounds like you are). She could even be using you for your car. I hate to sound harsh, but she is not treating you like a real boyfriend.

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Thanks for the responses. We do have a lot of the same interests, so much of the time I will suggest something and she will say 'Sure'. I'd have to say it's pretty equal in doing what each of us wants to do though. Like I said, I've never had a girlfriend before, and I just assumed it was my responsibility to pick her up and take the lead on such things most of the time. We only live about 10 minutes apart, so it's not a really big deal, and we both have a car. She's still in college and I am working, she comes from a somewhat poor family and I have a decent job, so I feel very weird with anything but paying for her. The thing is though, that I really do care for her, and would do anything to make her happy. But I guess I don't know what to look for if that is just a futile effort.

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