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Life after the split: a train wreck


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My wife and I recently split for a laundry list of reasons, in particular, lack of communication, unhappiness and infidelity, not necessarily in that order. We have two little kids together and it is really hard to not be with them all the time. The split has been hard on both of us and I think it's affecting our older daughter, who is just old enough to realize what's going on. Work is not going well and the economy has everyone at my job thinking that each day will be their last at the company.


Before splitting the second time, we moved to the town we're in now to be closer to my job, leaving the few people we had fostered close friendships with in our old town behind.


Unfortunately, my only friends right now in the area are at work and it's rough because you can't really discuss everything with those people. I've made that mistake though, and while some people seem sympathetic, others will look at you like some kind of pariah because they don't know how to address it, because they are leading such perfect, happy lives themselves.


Can anyone relate to what I'm going through?

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Geez, you sound like you are going through a lot. I know it's hard to talk about this stuff with people at work, but I understand you don't have anyone there with you other than them. They are probably looking at you funny because they don't know what to say, not that their lives are so perfect. When my mom was sick, people would ask how she was. Well she passed away, and I almost felt bad telling these people that because they clearly didn't know what to say to me. That's probably what's happening to you. Trust me, all those happily married people have problems too. It's not all a bed of roses even when it seems that way from the outside. I'm so sorry that you feel alone. When I was at my lowest point, people would say that time would heal me. It sounds so empty to say or hear, but it is true. I wish you well.

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