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To live together or seperately


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Quitting my permenant job, giving up stable life, saying goodbye to my familiar circles,I am going to his country to stay just in 3 week. Somehow, I am very scared. To make life more practical over there, I will do a masters degree program in a university where is close to his place.Then hopefully I can get a job after graduating.

However, I am doubting our relationship is firm enough to live together?

Here's some of our story background. Since end of 2005, I've started a long distance relationship with him. I am in Australia while he's in Belgium. I am an Asian. He's a Caucasian. We have culture, language, many others barriers. Over the years, we insist on contacting each other by msn, skypes. We did 3 big trips (Australia, India&Nepal, Indonesia) together. I know I am very fond of him, for his honesty, loyalty and serious attitude towards life. He's fond of me in living the life fully. I know we are different in many ways, such as, he has a very high expectation on material lif e, while I don't care as long as we love each other. He's a straight talker. If he finds my mistakes or bad habit, he would say it straightaway, however, I turn to tolerate this. Apart from this, we have never lived under the same roof(except for traveling), I'm afraid once we stay together in Belgium, he'll find me not so attractive anymore, so do I..Are we committed firmly enough? If not, how to test and how to keep develop? Any advice is much appreciated..

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Thank you for advice I've thought of that already. After working for 3 years, I have saved enough to live the life there. for one year. After one year, if I find a job, I continue to support myself.(suppose the thing goes well). If not, I think I will come back to Australia and go back to my current company for open position. I was thinking of live in a student accommodation, where I can meet up other friends and enlarge my social circle. I've been learning his language for one year. More or less, it does help me to understand daily conversation.

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