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So I need advice on how to handle a situation with a friend.


Tonight we were suppose to go see a music concert which my friend had tickets for. Right now my friend is living and hour away and got this:


"Hey, I might have to go to (another city) tonight to see one of my best friends because they've been away all summer and this may be the only chance I have to see them for a next while"


Now, admittedly we've been hanging out quite a bit, but we always have a good time. I'm a little peeved by this because it was so last minute.


How do I handle this situation is a mature way? I don't want to ignore my friend for the next little bit nor get really mad and damage the friendship.

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So (s)he's taking them to the show instead of you? If that's the case, I would say you have a right to be a bit offended.


If (s)he's not going to the show and going to see his(her) friends instead then I could see how you might be disappointed, but you should be understanding of the situation. Just say something along the lines of "no worries" and leave it at that.

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I think you should be understanding that this friend wants to catch up with someone else... as long as the friend doesn't do this to you all the time. If you do feel this person is a friend, you should feel happy for them that they are getting this opportunity... but it's ok to feel a bit disappointed too, I would.

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Thanks guys. When I calmed down a bit and looked at the situation I realized there was nothing I could be terribly angry at. No, my friend is not taking the other person instead and is a "starving student" who's always worried about money so I don't think they'll like the fact that they dropped $60 (for both tickets).


Sure, I am dissapointed, but I easily could have driven back to the city and gotten the tickets if I wanted too.

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