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love kills

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ok so i posted this




ok so ive known this girl for a while but didnt c much of eachother since uni let out. in the past two weeks weve seen eachother quite a bit. so she had a boyfriend who moved to australia about four months ago but i dont know if they are together or not. so when weve been meeting up we get on so well but there is nothing physical not that it bothers me but she is so amazing to be around. she sends out mixed signals and i dont know if we are dating or what every time i see her i want to hug her or something but i need to know where i stand.


so here is what hapened on monday i was out in the town with this girl and a friend of mine came up and said is she ur girl friend and i looked at her and her face give nothing away i din't know what to do my brain said yes but my mouth said were just friends. wither way i was in trouble and the girl i was with went all quiet for the rest of the night if only i told her how i felt. i wanted to just grab her hand and say yes and let the world know but instaid i just mumbled were just friends. why? imediatly i just wanted to go home but i stayed on and she picked herself up again and things were almost back to normal. i know i need to tell her how i feel. but i dont know quit what to say. were meeting up again on saturday please help this is driving me nuts.


ok so we were ment to meet up on satarday but instead ended up meeteing up today so i asked her if she was still with her boyfriend as he is now away in australia and she said "kind of" what does that mean its like yes but... WHAT she said but we dont see eachother. while we were out for lunch she was flirting with me a bit. she was playing with her hair and showing me her palms and pointing her foot at me and was kind of dangeling her foot. i mean mixed signals or what. what am i suposed to do i mean i really like her and cant stop thinking about her but i cant make a move wihtout being sleezy since she "kind of has a boyfriend" could someone please help and tell me what i am suposed to do?

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I know you don't want to hear this

but stay away from her unless you can be just friends or until she's actually not with anyone else

if she's coming on to you and she's "kind of" with someone, what makes you think that if you go out with her, she wouldn't do the same thing to you?

just saying, lol.

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i dont know how the friends thing will work out i think i will have to avoid her for a bit cause ill still have feelings for her if she and her boyfrined are staying together. when she said "kind of" she didnt seem sure herself it was as if she hadnt decided or didnt know what was going on whith him. if she is still staying with her boyfriend he better take good care of her, she deserves at least that.

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Until you know she's single, stay out of it. It may suck for you, but it sucks a million times worse for the other guy - and unless he's abusive, or is a complete *** to her, then leave them be. If she wants to split because she can't handle the distance, then that's one thing, but nobody deserves to have their boyfriend/girlfriend stolen away from them.

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