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I guess Second Best is all I will ever know.

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Today I was listening to the song "Thinking of you" by Katy Perry and it really got me thinking. How on earth do you get better once you've had the best?


I don't believe there's only one person meant for someone out there.


But I know that this man is the only one who is able to keep me happy forever.


This wonderful combination of all the great and unique character traits I love in a man... combined with his looks and the way he carries himself - how will I ever be able to find someone who compares?


And if there's a guy out there who does compare - where is he? Far, far away I bet. Low chance I'll ever meet him.


jesus.. love really does hurt.

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I feel exactly the way you do about my last guy, and that guy isn't by my side because I pushed him away. It hurts a lot and I'm so mad at myself.


On the bright side, I found another one that is very unique and exciting. And I'm sooo darn picky. He's different than my ex, but still I feel like we would fit. Unfortunately he is married, but I'm just glad that my heart still works.


I'm hopeful that I'll be lucky enough to find another one that is a match sometime, but I know how you feel. It's like trying to get all the cherries to line up right on a slot machine. But what else can you do besides keep playing?


p.s. someone told me they estimated that I have about 70 more years of life to live, unless I get hit by a bus. That is a long time in which I may run into another good one. It made me feel slightly better.

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Don't think about his positives. Think about his negatives too. I'm sure he wasn't the PERFECT guy. Really.


Think ahead to the future. You will find someone who won't break up with you and who appreciates you.


Hmm, maybe I put my thread into the wrong forum section - since there never really was a real relationship. So I guess you can't call it a real break-up... read my previous threads for the whole story


He isn't perfect but he's perfect for me.


It is quite funny.

I have a good life. I'm enjoying it. I like who I am.

I'm busy with a lot of things. I volunteer. I have a goodpaying sidejob. I have a circle of wonderful, great friends. We go out, we have fun, we do trips together. I exercise, I have great hobbies, I am dating really nice guys...


But when I get home at the end of the day, and I'm left alone with my thoughts, I realize that all of these things, no matter how busy I keep myself - they're not making it better. Nothing has been changed.


I get home and realize my feelings for him are still the same. I realize that despite how much I enjoy my life and look forward to a bright future - he could enhance all of this if only he were... with me.

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