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Kids really need to stop growing.

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my sister sent me a pic of my nephew and omg. I literally started tearing up at how big he's gotten since last october, the last time i saw him. hes not the small little boy anymore I barely even recognized him! and then my little sister, who is almost 11, is apparently almost as tall as me now (granted, im really short)! AND my mom said she already got her, a training bra. It was just yesterday all these kids were born, now, theyre BIG! I don't like it. Yeah, I definitely need to make time to go see them again, before they're all in high school before i know it. ugh And apparently, my niece, who barely spoke 2 words last time i saw her, now speaks full sentences and sounds all big girl like.

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I HATE IT TOO!!! Our two year old is growing like a weed everyday and more and more she's starting to show her independence. We're just trying to cherish everyday even though she can be such a pain in a butt.


lol aww, i know how that is. its just so hard, living a timezone away from them, missing out on their childhood. I just wish i lived closer than them. I was never really too close to my aunts and uncles, but i lived next door to my sister and her family until a year after my niece was born. I just never wanted to be that aunt, that never sees her niece and nephew. I wanted to be like aunt jackie on roseanne, that was really close with my niece and nephew and saw them every day. I was that aunt, until i moved out of state Some aunts and uncles may be ok with that, but, 3 years later and it still kills me. I dont ever want them to forget me or just see me as the distant aunt they dont really think much about. especially my niece. she was just a year old when i moved away. no way she will remember me.

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I know, I remember my little cousin that I used to baby-sit all the time being born. She is driving now.


That hurt big time.


The funny thing is I can remember her mom having the same reaction I did when I told her I was driving - she used to baby-sit me.


I guess its just the circle of life.

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I'm dreading the day she will be in first grade...I think I'll camp outside and wait for her to come out lol


I don't think life starts until you have your own child is what I'm getting lately. To think I knew so much about life five years ago. *slaps self*

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They grow up so fast and yet... I love having older kids. I just love how our relationship has evolved. One is married and planning to start a family soon. I can't wait to be a grand-mother! The two others are older teenagers and I just love to see how much they've grown (not just in height!). They have their whole life ahead of them. All possibilities are there. And I am grateful to be able to see them on the path of adulthood. Life is good.

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lol, no dont say that sidehop, I am not planning on having kids! lol!


I think my dad did the same thing my first day of kindergarten.


I don't mean in a sense that if you don't have kids then your life will never start but it's a giant step into a whole new world.


I know WHY many parents especially mom's want more children right after another. They grow up faster than you can blink

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