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Born Again Virgin Feature Film


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I know this isn’t a book but it still may interest people and this seemed to be the most appropriate forum to post it in. I’m an independent screenwriter/director whose next film, The Virgins, deals with a protagonist who becomes a born again virgin. I came to this website to learn about the various facets/motivations of becoming a born again virgin. So I decided to return to this website to try to spread the word a little bit as I push this screenplay into production.




Two young women, Emma and Danielle, drive to visit Emma’s boyfriend Wes, who has just returned from a tour of duty overseas. A baby sits in the backseat; Emma has not told Wes he got her pregnant right before shipping off. During the drive Emma convinces a reluctant Danielle to pose as the baby’s mother for the long weekend trip. Things become more complicated when Emma informs a lovesick Wes that she, seemingly as part of some greater moral trajectory, has decided to become a born-again virgin – while Danielle tries, for unknown reasons, to lose her own “innocence”.

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