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So when do we break NC?


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I was the dumpee......the breakup totally devastated me. For me it was about 9-12 months. I made contact when i no longer felt the twang of sadness and desperation. I forgave her and only felt feelings of fondness for her, but i had a very strong feeling that i no longer had any desire to get back together with her.


when i made contact again it was very nice.......like seeing a long lost friend. Interestingly, as our friendship developed again, it was she who started to want more and she actually proposed that she was keen to start a relationship again and i'm sure it had a lot to do wth the fact that i was happy, confident and positive. I declined and told her i was happy with where things were at now. we have becom very good friends.



that is a nice story but I think that since it didn,t devestate her when you told her you didn't want to try again, that her heart just wasn't into it that much and that it would have been one of those situations where you took her back and she dumped you again. I think it's good that you had mooved on and only wanted friendship. My question is, what was it that made you want to contact her again and remain friends?

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