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Doesn't Make Sense?


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Well, in my case my ex had been alone after 10 years after a pretty bitter divorce during which she pretty much 'stuffed' him in terms of both finances and access to children.


So he spent 10 years more or less alone and had got used to it AND didn't think he could trust anyone again.


I came into his life, very intensely for 6-12 months, then of course it eases off and you re-evaluate things, including the practical future.


Here in the UK that means you have ZERO chance of getting together because of the recession, so have to wait and see when things may look up in the house market.


However, we love each other, are best friends and have loads of interests plus chemistry which meant that we both hurt very much and missed each other being apart.


I went out on a limb telling him that my love for him was unconditional after 4 weeks of separation, but it worked!!

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