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So, I started working full-time in November 2008. I have been on a 60 day probation and that was up last week, during this time I racked up some comp time but I can use it yet because my boss still hasn't completed my mid-point evaluation. I asked him about it last Tuesday since he did the evals for 2 other ppl that got hired before me...I work at a different location so I understand that it may have slipped his mind.

Whats a good way to re-remind him with out being a pain?


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I know, weird!!! But since I got transferred to the other location, he didnt want me coming out there just for the eval. Thts why he was gonna email it, have me go over it, so that I can sign it and send it back inter-office mail.


So I'll email him then...




Good Morning,


Just wanted to check in with you about my mid-point evaluation. If you are still emailing it or sending it inter-office?






hows that?

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Sorry to bump this but I need help with this issue again!


So, I went ahead with the email and got a response saying he would try to come out and see me the following week which was last week. He didnt bother coming out to my loaction and I havent heard anything from him.


I really want to get over with it so I can use my time off and sick days without worrying if I will be paid or not even though my 60 days were up in Feb.


I found out that an HR rep will be over at my loc on Thursday this week, should I just go ahead and ask them if I can use time off even tho my eval wasnt completed (and hint at my boss putting it off)?

Or is that a bad idea if it gets around to my boss?


I mean the only other time I will see him is next Tuesday which is a whole month since the day I asked him the first time around!!! Grrrr


Let me know guys

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