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Looking to work in the US.


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Ok, i currently live in australia, but for somereason see myself drawn to the US, i have a huge earge to just come and move to new york and work. currently im a gprahic designer in Australia, been working for 2 years in the industry, and im just asking the question. with the "finacial crisis", shoud i be avoiding the move. or reconsidering. and is there much work for graphic designers, if so does anyone know of any good job sites etc.


Thank you in advance all for your input

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You are being drawn to the US because of the aura and excitement they create and their complete denial of anything negative. Unless you are an extremely skilled professional with a nice skill that is in high demand you are going to find your working conditions will be a lot better in Australia.


The US is designed to benefit the top % of the population where in Australia it is all set up to try to benefit more people. Neither system is better. You will find in the USA that people are not treated as well by their superiors. This is because of a different mindset. In the US suboordinates are seen as almost property of the superior to do with as they please in a working context. The attitudes are very different. So I suggest staying in Australia. If you want a change there is the UK or NewZeland. Bad time for the US right now.


It is also pretty hard to just go over there and work. You'd need an employer to sponsor you.

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I don't think New York is the first place I'd choose - it's hideously expensive and competitive, although there are a lot of companies there, I agree, being a media capital.


You might think about Chicago or Los Angeles? I think there would be jobs in your field and the cost of living is not as bad as NYC. You could work your way to New York, and the competition for a green card wouldn't be as bad I would think (could be wrong).


The one thing to think about - will a company sponsor someone to come from overseas if there are others local and looking for work? Dunno, I don't work in your field. You might want to do some research on the types of skills being sought right now. Maybe a university would have a department professor or career center that would be willing to talk to you about the local market?


Not all industries are suffering (yet?). Having 2 years experience.... could go either way. You could be seen as cheap and thereforee attractive, you might offer something new and fresh to them, or you could be just another youngster and they'd rather take the risk on a senior designer. Little bit of luck on your side or being able to sell yourself as something special.


wish I could help with some hard facts, those are just random thoughts that came to mind

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Graphics is a pretty competitive field as I'm sure you already know.

As long as you have a great portfolio I think the possibility of work in the U.S. is definitely possible. Yet it would definitely require a lot of planning and resources since New York is mad expensive as many others have already said..Maybe try L.A. (thats pretty expensive too, it is closer than the rest to you though) as a start.

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um, there are no jobs here. you would be insane to move here right now in my opinion. you might wanna stay in the down under until blue skies come (if they do)


oh an fyi, not much work for designers. my friend works for an ad company and they just did a round of layoffs from every department including creative's.


most design work is done freelance in the US. i dont know if that is how it is in australia. but to be an in-house designer is really rare. you might have to aim your talents to a specific scope. i.e. web design, pre-press, etc. I've been looking for work for months.

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you might have to aim your talents to a specific scope. i.e. web design, pre-press, etc.


"Web Design" is still very general.


I hate to say it, but if you want to make it in web design anywhere, you better know everything from UI architecture and image optimization to at least 2 or 3 different backend languages like Java or C# (for the big shops) or PHP / MySQL (for the small-to-medium setups). Flash, ActionScript, XML, and whatever else I'm not mentioning are pros, but the biggies are the backend things.


...I say stay the heck away from US right now. This economy is pathetic. Period.

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As a designer that still is lucky to have his job in this lousy market, I suggest you stay away until it picks back up. Especially cities like New York, who have so many unemployed designers you'll be just another piece of straw in a huge haystack. My girlfriend was just laid of from her Ad Agency one week ago and the other agencies in town are having major layoffs, too.


If you really want to try, I'd go for freelancing with some clients in NY and once you get some established work and reputation, the move here won't be so bad. But good luck finding work...

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Just so you know, I have been waiting for my work permit now since September the 27th. The USCIS have a MASSIVE backlog and it's likely I wont get it for another 3 months still.


Jobs seem to be scarce in this area (MA) and I'm not looking forward to the hunt when my permit does come through...

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