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Support for those with disabilities/disorders(both mental and physical)


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This is a place to come for support for those who suffer from both mental and physical disabilities/disorders.


Tell your story, meet others, support each other, try and get each of us through a rainy day, share both good and bad, and lots more!


So, who wants to start off?

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This is a great idea Sarey! I don't have a disability but my 9 year old son does and when he is old enough I will make sure he seeks out something just like this.


For all that do post here just subscribe to this thread so you can see when there are new posts and it will make it easy to find again, right at the top of you User control panel!



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It's still a disability Jetta. Mental or physical. x I'm glad you take your meds to help. I know how hard it can be to take a tablet to just be remotely "normal".



I will avoid making this a LONG LONG LECTURE!


I have been going to Child&Adolescent Mental Health Services since the age of 7.


Over the years, I have seen social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, play therapists, tons of people from the mental health team.


I have been self harming since I was about 8.

I do not remember clearly, it has been a long, long time.


My first attempt to take my life was around 8/9.

The attempts I remember were strangling myself with my dressing gown rope, putting a dollhouse plate into my sandwhich and choking on it, and trying to jump out of my window.


I was a very out of control, angry child. Very impulsive. I still am.


A lot of things have gone on in my life, very complicated and complex. I won't bore you with details.


I have been diagnosed with ADHD.

I have Anxiety.

I have OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

I have an "Eating Disorder"(I don't think so but apparently I do...)

I possibly have BPD, however, I'm too young to be diagnosed with that, so they put it down as difficulty in emotional regulation.


I am currently on no medications, I was trialed on Stimulant medications to cope with my ADHD, however, the side effects were too severe, so I was taken off.


I go to a school which has approximently 50-60 children attending. (It is an EBD[Emotional&Behavioral Difficulties] special needs school)


It's challenging and I wonder what the future holds for me, it's quite scary thinking of the future.

Being an adult.

Moving out.

Getting a job.

Simple things to some scare me so much.





I'll come back and write more, maybe. But, there we go!


(like my layout? I figured doing it in bits would make it easier to read.)

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I am all messed up, I have this thing called a varicocele which are basically varicose veins in your scrotum(how wonderful) it basically gives me a constant ache all the time and I am unable to sleep on my stomach or left side and I constantly wake up when I sleep


THe worst part about it is it has destroyed my testosterone(as it has damaged and shrunk my testicles to practically nothing) so I am basically useless as a man now, I may have to go on testosterone therapy but I have been reading bad side effects about it and I am not sure


I have this other problem with my head where I am constantly dizzy and out of it, hard to explain, it is from years of really reallly REALLY bad internalized stress and anger, in some ways my Varicocele problem is a result of this stress and anger as well


And yea I have alot of mental issues as well, I also have an enlarged spleen that sometimes hurts and other little things like IBS(but definetly dont have it as bad as the previous poster infact I barely have it at all, just something that came on in the last few months as my life has been going to hell, not sure if it is stress or what),, my life is absolutely wonderful, you'd think I am a 70 year old man but I am actually 29, to think 2 years ago I was like the happiest most confident person in the planet and now I feel like I am in hell, I am angry and bitter at certain people who helped me get to how I am

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Aww, My Mum has IBS. That's awful. *cuddles* I'm so sorry about your migraines, have you been to the doctors? It sounds really bad...




Aww, hugs to you hun. No wonder you're feeling stressed, I Agree, the varicocele problem could be making stress levels on a huge high. Lack of sleep also makes things so much more stressful.


If you ever feel like you want to have a nice long rant, just come along here and we'll listen and give you plenty of hugs and TLC.

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