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all good things must come to an end!!!

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Hello my lovely ENA people.


I just want to share today's proverb.


"all good things must come to an end"



Everything in life has an expiration date on it, including us.


Instead of coming up with ways to bypass this inevitable factor in life,


we must come to realization that the end is a part of life and it is there


for a reason. If there is an expiration date, you want to make sure every


second you are alive you must be thankful -through the good and the bad.


People should stop being naive that life is only GOOD. If you are able to


accept this primary phase, the agony of defeat when your SO leaves you


for good will be less burdensome to you. Whenver there is hardship in life, it


is because there will be additional GOOD in store ahead of us.


Life is a journey where death is our ultimate destination. Along the way there


will be many ways to leave your mark through the simple act of love and


leaving a good name to others such as your ex. She left you which is


inevitable but at least do yourself a favor and end in a good note because


whenever she revisits the 'good ol days' of yesteryears, she can remember


you as a compationate, everloving boyfriend that you used to be and how


when she used to be sick and was coughing nonstop you searched around


the town pharmacy in the middle of the night to find her a good medicine.


how when you went to her apartment all soaked because of the rain the only


thing in mind was to hold her tight and sleep like how two lovers ought to do.


and wake up in the morning and kiss her once in her forehead and once in her


mouth and give her a hug that lasted 30 minutes.



How when you got into accident, everybody in your family called me where


she was. When you finally regained consciousness the first thing you said


was "give me the phone I have to call my bf" ......



But today "we" no longer exists. All good things must come to an end.

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I live by this credo. Life is cyclical. We will have equal parts good and bad. If we only concentrate on the bad, we will receive no good. Why should we? You have to embrace life in its totality to be truly happy. I "get" what you are saying and wish more people saw this. EVERYTHING ENDS! Even us. Enjoy the ride while your here.

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I suppose there is some merit to the idea that you have to enjoy your time while you're here.


But my grandparents were together for 60 years. We all accept that we are not immortal...that eventually, we all are going to die. And again, we accept that ultimately, death will end our relationships - at least on that physical level depending on what your religious views are.


But I don't believe it's a good idea to suggest people heal from a breakup by remembering that everything ends....not every couple is destined to break up because life is cyclical. That, to me, seems like a way for someone to just gloss over a loss of a relationship and try to artificially dull the pain a little.


"Oh well, we're all going to die anyway....and nothing lasts forever...so why spend time hurting? Life is too short."


Okay, but there's no on/off switch to pain. If there was, nobody would ever turn it "on."


Because 1) we're humans, not robots; 2) some relationships do last forever, if you define forever as being when both parties involved are alive; and 3) we're in control of our fortunes...relationships don't end simply because "everything good must come to an end."


I don't buy it.

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