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thank you for all the advice, im going for it.


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okay so this my decision. well i talked to "joe" today and i asked him if he would talk to me sometime on the phone or even today sometime at school if he had time and he said that was fine. well i have gotten the go for it from all of my friends and from people that know him and his friends. they all say just ask him he will go and everything. you know i feel kind of worried but at the same time im okay with it and i know everything will be okay when i ask him. he doesn't hate me even though me and my ex have been so weird latly so i guess he is still my friend. well im gonna ask him like this (this was my shop teachers idea) buy some big hunks (the candy) and say of all the big hunks i know i want you to go to preferance with me. well how does that sound. i want to do a little more, but im not sure what. but thankyou for all of your help and i just wanted to let everyone know that im going for it.

love Qtpie87

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