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whatcha think about this?


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so i was testing the limited contact waters & sent her a quick message with a you tube clip saying this made me think of her...she mailed back with a letter, which i was surprised about.


anyway, she said she'd like to catch up sometime, but she didn't want to talk about our relationship because she hadn't processed it-it's been 4 months now at this point since we've split.


i didn't want to bring that up anyhow, so i didn't. so i am gonna respond with:


"sorry i've been a bit slow on the email-i had a full wknd (aside: i told her i was going to a show this wknd). i saw it & thought it was funny...it reminded me of you...


glad to hear you're well...feel free to drop a line when

you get some time...i reckon i can make some time myself lol..."


you think this is the right approach?

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Yes and no. I think that it is good that you are making a point that you are keeping busy on your weekend but the fact that you said "...i reckon i can make some time myself lol..." suggest that you are tyring too hard.


If I got an email like this from an ex, I would be laughing to myself thinking "Oh big girl got herself a real busy life, better not bother her LOL!".


I think that saying that was a bit childish. Now, if you do not want to increase a chance of getting back together with her, I would say job well done but I don't think that is your goal.


I would suggest that you continue to do the "delayed" response with her but cut out the "I am too busy but I can possibly SQUEEZE you into my busy busy schedule" act.


Just my opinion.

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yeah, on some level i see that as, "back off about the topic." and that's cool bc it's no good running in that direction anyway.


sound advice. i'm really looking at it as a journey, not a destination. ie-keeping in contact is like anything else, one bit of communication at a time. but yeah, i couldn't get together with her again if things aren't different anyway.

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