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Salary History

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Well, you can either ignore the request. Sometimes they don't care, sometimes it eliminates you.


OR, you can say your Salary is negotiable. Still might get you eliminated, but at least you addressed their request.


OR, you can answer their question honestly with your salary history. You might also add the salary is negotiable part in with your salary history.


Whatever you do - do NOT put down the specific salary you are looking for. Wait until you have an offer in hand and they really want you. THEN start talking money.


Good luck!



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They are looking for just that your salary history. You said you have only had one job, well give them the salary that you started with and any raises that you have received. Simple as that. Nothing more.


if they ask you for your desired salary then give them that information, but say that it is negotiable.


Good Luck with you job Quest!!!!!

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Many employers obviously think your salary history is their business, but there are varying opinions about whether or not it is. Oddly enough, it's illegal for U.S. employers to ask you certain personal questions, such as your age and marital status. But somehow, they manage to get away with poking their noses into your income, something you might not even share with your best friend. Unfortunately, there are no labor laws that deter employers from demanding salary histories or past paycheck stubs. So, the less they are challenged by candidates, the more they'll try to get away with it.


Most employers work within competitive salary ranges, via data they purchase from research companies that provide such. So, they already know in advance what range they're willing to pay you, whether or not you provide your salary history. Employers and recruiters ask for salary histories anyway, just so they can determine if you are even in their ballpark.


If you think that your salary history is personal and private, and has little to do with what you're worth on a new job, just say that your salary is NEGOTIABLE. Surely, all but the most naive or self-righteous employers know that requesting your salary history is at least a heck of a lot to ask, if not a blatant invasion of your privacy. If your resume and cover letter shine, and employers are truly interested in your skills and honestly willing to pay you what you're worth, they'll likely overlook the fact you didn't comply 100%. If not and they insist on seeing your complete salary history, it could be a sign that such demands will continue on the job.


Good Luck!

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