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well this is a tough one.

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so some (almost all) have said to stop trying and that my ex isn't worth it, but to me he is the most important person in my life and i know he has started to date someone, but it is only rebound and they wont last long because i know if he really likes someone and this girl is just there. well anyway i am going to tell him how much he means to me, but i need some help. you see there aren't really words to tell him how much he means to me, but i thought i wold give it a shot with like kind of a love speach. the only problem is i suck at writting and just confuse him. so i was wondering if there are any really really good love speaches that anyone could share with me. it has to be like big. im not going to tell him that i made it up because that would be lieing and i don't lie to him, but i would tell him (if it was the one that really tells him how i feel) that it is how i feel about him, and i might add or take away from it. well please just help me. i really don't need or want anyone else telling me to stop. you don't understand how much i love him. if this is what i feel is right in my heart then it is what i must do. well is there anyone out there that has been where i am now and maybe can give me an idea, or whatever. please don't tell me to stop that just really hurts my feeling and gives me no hope and believe me with how my life is going right now (im sort of dieing at the moment because of a desease that i have plus other problems that i wont bring up) i can use all the help and hope in this world. please help me while i still have time.


love Qtpie87

p.s. i want to look really nice when i tell him. i am a blone with hair about 6 or 7 inches below my ear, skinny, light skinned, brown eyes, some freckles, and i have a very nice personallity. well how or what do you think i can wear or do to myself to look pretty, what do men find attractive, clothing, make-up. and stuff.

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First, you know that I am going to tell you not to do what you want. By doing it, I think you are chasing him and so on . . . .


Second, instead of what you want to say, you could try telling him how much you should mean to him. How if he had enough sense in his head, he would realize how wonderful you are, and how much you are willing to do for him. But until he does, well he just will never know . . . .


That's what I would tell him, if I were you.

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why do you have to say that. i don't understand how that would chase him away. and i have to get it out. i might die in the next couple of moths and i need him to know. i can't not tell him, if i might not live to tell him. who knows how long i have left. i just need to tell him before it's too late. i might also be lucky enough to live and then if i tell him and he feels the same then hey it would have worked out. oh yeah and about what Beec said how can i meaningly say how i should mean so much to him also.


love Qtpie87

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From reading your previous posts, I think you are better off without this person. I think Beec makes a good point about not chasing him. Because that is what you are doing. All of you energy is focused on him right now, when it really should be focused on you. If you have a life threatening condition, the last thing you need is to stress yourself out over this guy. With that being said, I will give you some advice on the topic you asked for.


Sometimes its best to let the experts write and you just add a little something personal at the end. What I mean, is that there are many poems and cards out there that were written very elequently about difficult topics to express in words.


I was recently in a Hallmark store reading through some of the cards there. A series in particular was very powerful. I was actually standing in the store with tears running down my face. Anyway, the cards were by Blue Mountain Studios. They were hand made with sorta crincled paper and leaves and flowers on them. Take a look. At least you might get some ideas for what you'd like to say to him.


Best Wishes,


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im not going to tell you to not tell him your feelings. it seems like this is something you really want to do & a lot of people would find it really hard, but it seems to me that you can't wait to tell him. well, about what you should tell him, no offense, but i think it would be kind of weird telling him something that you didn't make up. its like expressing your feelings for him using some one elses words. i think you should write down all that you want to tell him, like what you like about him, how he makes you feel, things like that. then just write a letter with those things in them. even if its not awesomely written, what comes from your heart will mean more to him than just something you picked up. about your look, i don't think you should dress or look any different from how you normally do. it seems like you are trying to make yourself seem better so that he will like you better, but really, you should be who you are & not try to impress him. if he really likes you, you will impress him by being yourself.

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Qtpie, you seem to not get what we're trying to tell you. If you ignore him, he will start to miss you. i have been where you are now and it ain't no fun. JUsst telling him whatyou want to tell him after he has said that he is done is sorta like stalking him ( in his mind). Leave himn alone and you will see that he will call. But maybe there is more going on in his mind then even you know. You must give him a chance to see what he is missing by not being with you. Time heals everything, but truly it is not time, but what you do with this time. Improve yourself, make yourself better than the person he started to go out with and youwill see that he is not worthy of your love. you must make yourself come first and nobody else matters in the cycle of life. You have made up your mind on calling him and we all have told you not to do it, but you will. What will you accomplish? Nothing but letting him know that you are still there waiting for him and that will not motivate him to come back because there is no challenge to his place in your heart!!!!!!


What he needs to know is that you have moved on (even if you have not), because he will feel that you no longer need him and this will allow him the chance to see that you have moved on and make you more desirable in his mind.


Good Luck, neallo

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QTpie, I'm going to be blunt here. I've read a heap of your posts how your boyfriend broke up with you and how you want him back so badly. Well the bottom line is, if he wanted you back, he'd make the effort.


Doesn't matter how much you tell him how deeply you feel, if he doesn't feel the same anymore he won't want to get back together. Sorry for being so frank, it's just me though. If I were you, and he knew how I felt about him already and he hasn't responded, I'd back off... There is clinging to hope and there is dreaming... it's a thin line.

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This girl and her ex, have the same thing, and me and about the rest of her grade believe that she is just going too much into the situation and stuff. In fact people around her, even her closest friends, are getting mad at her. Some have stopped talking to her because she just talks about him and all. Sometimes we all just gotta relax.


What I would say is how they have "saved" you in the sad times when you were dating. How you thought about him, and how he continues to save you in some way. I am no poet, but that doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be beautifully written, its just gotta be you.


And if you are seriously dying, don't spend that time over some silly little kid, keep with family who will trully love you to the end. Who will want to watch you throw up all you can as long as they get to see your face. That is love. Don't spend it on this random kid you "loved."


Getting attached is bad for you and him. The more you do it, the more he hates you, the more you do it, the more it hurts you.


For Another

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