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Okay first off, happy new year! Second (my problem): Okay my old crush invited me to his house for New Year's Eve, and we hung out and had fun a lot of our friend's were there, well I kinda fell for his older brother, (he is 17, his bro. IM 16 not that big of a difference). well my problem is on Thursday he told his brother that i liked him and he was all into it and stuff, which i thought was kinda funny cause my friend didn't even ask me if i liked him until Friday night lol. (he knows me pretty well i guess you can say). and my friend seems to be okay with me and his bro. maybe going out or something he was kinda encouraging at first but now a day later and he is all like yeah what ever and is all in a bad mood (he is having gf problems of his own) and i don't want to seem to ...i cant think of a word but you know what i mean..right?. his brother is into it, he thinks IM mysterious and stuff and is intrigued, so i have no clue what to do, IM very shy when it comes to this and i don't' know what to do, i really like his brother and i think he likes me, but how do i go about it? do i let his brother make the first move? or do i call him and just start talking to him? i know its kewl with my friend if we go out he thinks i would be good for his brother but .. he seems to.. i don't know. well anyway yeah that's my problem PLS help. oh and also the kinda other problem is IM very iffy i guess you could say, i was in a long relationship and was hurt in it at the end of if, and now IM actually having feelings for some one, and IM not sure if that's good or bad, or just if IM moving form one guy to the next.?? so yeah as i said any information would very very helpful thanks

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Happy new years to you too! Well, I can't say I'm one to speak from many experiences but I would say from what it sounds like his brother is very intrigued by you and is perhaps as you said interested. I also noted that you asked if you should call him and start talking. I'm only 16 like you, but in my opinion I would love it if a girl called me to talk! (Wouldn't mind if it was my girlfriend for once either I suppose) My advice about your friend however, is help him with his problem if you can first and don't repeatedly ask him about your situation. Love's a tough subject and makes some people rather cranky, give him his own time and don't pester him but ask him nicely his opinions or what he can find out for you. If I were you I wouldn't ask for help from friends though, even though like you I am very shy. Stronger relationships emerge from doing it yourself and in person most definitely.


Hope I helped at least a little.

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