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I want to help but i cant even get in...how can i help?

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i dont really know what is going on. i try to be the best friend that i can be but how come some people wont open up to me. my best friend (im a guy and shes a girl by the way) is having some problems and every time i ask whats bothering her or what not, i get no where, why? i feel as if shes my friend but im not her friend, shes just continuing to talk to me to not make me feel bad or to not hurt me. i want to say this to her but i think it will just make things worse. what am i doing wrong? im not forcing her to say anything, i want to help her but she wont let me. i want to know why. i want to feel like i mean something, right now i feel like if i just disapperead for a week she wouldnt even notice. it hurts. i dont really know whats going on i just want to be able to help but she wont let me. why do i feel this way? what can i do to feel good? or feel needed? ughh it all sucks

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There may just be things on her mind that she isn't ready to tell you yet. Don't feel bad. That doesn't mean she doesn't value your friendship. Or perhaps she'd just prefer a womans point of view on something. Or its too personal for her to reveal to anyone.


Just let her know that you see that somethings bothering her and that you are there for her. Tell her when the time is right that she can give you a call. And then go on being her friend. That will mean the world to her.


Do not take it personally - or push the issue. That will make her feel guilty and she will feel LESS close to you.



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