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how do i tell her he's not right?

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well, i know this is a bit early to ask, but i'm asking now, so i know how to react when the time comes.


it's about my best girl friend (my ex....) and this guy i know.


well today, my friend asks me, do you think she (my ex) would go out with him (the guy i know)?


well to be honest, i don't know, i'm not her..


but i do know, that he isn't good for her, and he'll hurt her in many ways possible, and i get upset if she, or any other of my closest friends get hurt.


i don't want them getting hurt, so should i maybe tell her something that he's not right (incase she decides to take a chance with him) or should i just let them be, and let her find out for herself, even though that's really hard for me, 'cause i'll be thinking "i could have prevented her being hurt and this and that!"


anyone know what i feel?


adivce is appreciated greatly. thanks.

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In my opinion, let her make her own decisions. If she doesn't make decisions that are bad for her and causes herself to hurt, then she will not learn from these issues and learn from them. MY best bud was like that guy in many ways, but now he has found the love of his life, which wouldn't have happened if I told his girl about his past history.


Leave her be to make her own decision.

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