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To call or not to call

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Well, I met this girl last night at the bar. She was the one that started the conversaation. Well, I talked to her a little bit and got her #. She was exteremly flirty and such. She even put her head on my shoulder. My question is when should I call her. I did ask for her number. She didn't just give it to me. She gave me compliments on my looks and even told me what kind of relationship she was looking for. I am just getting back in the dating scene.

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Well no doubt your in good shape here, from what you said, she was very flirty, and open with you...and she even started a conversation with you...


(aside from all this) let me ask you a question, were you wearing the color blue by any chance?


Ok back to the ranch, You got her #...you asked for it. She knows your interested in her, Because well you asked for her Number, girls sort of get the advantage with that....


How long to wait..........?


IMPORTANT: don't call next day you seem desperate...!!! 2-3 days is good, and make sure you have your words together that day..I'll provide a link on the bottom about calling the first time dues and DONT'S, (pay attention to the DONT'S in 2-3 days you should have what you want to talk about, in preparation.


Why wait.........?


Well that would be because you make her think about you, especially if she was into you..your call 2-3 days later will be more of a Shock than anything, like a surprise to hear from you, I remember some of the people in this forum talking about how long to wait before you call, everyone sort of huddled around the 2-3 day mark. so I'm sticking with that.


Another question, Does she have your Number?


Ok to sum this all up... the link below will help you a little better, I thought i knew everything there was about "Calling girls for the first time" (sounds like a Book title) but after reading i Now can call more girls, be more confident, have a better conversation, and Learn more about them because it know what NOT to talk about, And more What too talk about (focus on her), and How to make a good impression.

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ok s4il,

Answer to first question, no I was wearing black!


Answer to second question, no she doesn't have my number.


But, normally I would agree with the three day wait, but because I got the number on a wednesday, then if I wait three days then I will seem like I was a loser and couldn't find somebody else over the weekend. So that is why I asked. Friday evening might be better time huh?

I just do not know. It all seems like a game to me.

Waiting 5-6 days seems like I couldn't find anybody else over the weekend. I have plans for friday and every friday, go to the bar, which is where I met her and if she goes then I might have to explain why I hadn't called. So calling on Friday would seem like a better choice. Maybe even calling her tonight, might not be that bad.

GIRLS what do you think?

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Your right calling on a Friday would seem like you have nothing planned already, sort of making it appear as if you have no social life what so ever..Good point, call her in the middle of the week, you Don't have to wait 2-3 days you can wait 5 or even 6...your call here.


reason why i asked what color you were wearing is because i read the color Blue on a man is the best color to wear to attract the attention of single women, it makes you look successful, Superior, lets not forget friendly, and just Dripping with that confidence that so many women are drawn too. always smile is a good secret, and make eye contact.


Any of you men reading this should make a note of that above.



ok she doesn't have your #...so she is probably sitting close to the phone, Or if it's a Cell phone she is probably checking to see if it's on every 5 minutes, let her keep thinking, "when is he going to call" than whenever you do, just be yourself...can't go wrong with that.

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