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more than just a kiss btween friends

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I need some advice. I have a friend who is one of my dearest friends, we always joke around and are very comfortable with each other. About a couple of months ago he told me he loves me, I have asked him how he meant that, as a friend or more and he kind of gave me an answer that was mixed. Anyway, we have been just having fun hanging out together and everything has or is fine. He has told me twice before that he loves me, everything still fine when he has told me, but my confusion now is because recently we were saying good bye and we gave each other a hug and then he kind of just stayed a little longer and then he tugged on my shirt and then gave me a kiss on the lips. This is where my question is was it just a kiss from a friend or is there something more than he wants out of our relationship. Guys please help!! He is such a great person and he is very playful and shows his feelings to the people he cares about. Any advice would be so helpful!!!!

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he most likely wants to start a relationship with you, i say go for it and start one. Starting a relationship with your friend is very good because you trust him alot more and u already know about him if u want just talk to him about it and see wat happens. Good luck and may God be with you.[/b]

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Hey girl 84.... from the way you described your relationship with him so far, it seems like he is looking for a little more in this relationship. Also the fact that he tugged your shirt is almost like a move for him to start something up. Further, the fact that he has told you he loves you may be his true true romantic feelings..where do you stand in this relationship...I have been in a relationship with a good friend of mine, and can offer some advice, but first, you need to decide where you stand, and its along this thought process...could you tell him no, then watch him be with another girl romantically? That should bring out your true feelings. Hope this helps a little..good luck, and happy new year

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Greetings just_a_girl84, Welcome to eNotalone.com


Judging by what you have said, he seems to be a pretty ok kind of guy. As the others have said he has confessed his love to you, he's tugged on your shirt and given you a kiss i think that's a strong hint that he want's to move onto something a little more than just friendship. If your happy with him and you feel that you can really connect then GO for it.


Hope this has helped.


best of luck to you,


- whitefang

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