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I'm Not Going Alone

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And so my journey begins, my mind ill at ease,

I look ahead into time unknown,

Darkness is all around, no light between the trees,

Surrounded by fear, yet deep down I know I'm not going alone.


I reach for your hand, a warm and tender touch,

Already we've crossed so many barriers, we've met countless foes,

My heart glows, a feeling I yearn for so much,

Where our journey may lead, only the good Lord knows.


Hand in hand we can walk the mountain so high,

We can swim the rivers that rumble and rage,

Together we will reach up and touch the sky,

Our love and devotion ever present through time and change.


At the end of our journey we will lay side by side to rest,

Peacefully at ease, a world full of memories which we share alone,

Our minds are as one as we recall the steps of our eternal quest,

Yet with you by my side, I knew I was never going alone.

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