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Why did he do this?...

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OK i posted the other day about how the guy i like IM'd me out of no where. He hasnt talked to me in months, I was the one who started conversations with him. Well I was like in heaven the day he started the conversation with me. I had butterflies and i had hopes that maybe we could be friends again. But then yesterday I IM'd him online, and like 20 seconds later he signed offline. I am so worried about that. I dont kno wut to do. Do u think it meant ne thing that he signed off right after i im'd him? Am i just being paranoid? Im so worried..

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Hey, Colls


I think the best thing to do would not to be reading so much into it. As someone said earlier to a similar topic, "If it was your friend who did that same thing, would you be worried? He/she probably just was in a rush or got disconnected.". To me that quote sounds true.


Just take it slow =)

Why would he avoid you for sending an innocent message?

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Hi Colls,

Don't mean to sound nasty here. But if he REALLY liked you he would've contacted you alot sooner then after a few months.... I know I would if I really liked a girl.


So he signed off after a few seconds?? hmmm could be an emergency, but my gut says he isn't really interested, sorry. This is a 20yr old guy talking here...


Sorry for being so blunt, it's just how I see it

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I must agree with you Johnny,


But just to play Detective lets look at the facts,


He im's you after a month, then as soon as you Im him, he gets offline and is gone without a trace...sweetie I must tell you this guy sounds like a dud. he does not sound all that interested to me. Move on and cut your loses. I mean could you imagine if you and him actually started dating, next thing you know a few weeks go by and he's nowhere to be found. Sorry sister...let this one go before you get more then just worried and paranoid. You may get hurt..

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