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it starts again..


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What the heck am I supposed to do? A week of reinstated NC...I'm pretty sure if I text she'll reply. I don't know if she'd answer my phone call. She initiated last contact. Told me she'd hit me up one day to catch up. I think she may be seeing someone, I don't know if their official or not. I do want to talk this whole thing out, one minute I'm angry..the next I want her back. What should I do? Should I initiate LC? Stay NC? I'm quite honestly very confused and it isn't even desperation anymore. What exactly can be done here? Any and all suggestions welcome I just feel like talking.

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NC. You are in panic mode...very bad and could make things worse.


NC will be hard in the beginning, but better in the long run.


If you go LC in the current state you are in, you'll spend every moment overanalyzing the details...'why'd she say this?' 'what does she mean?' 'she hasn't replied yet...'

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