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Help with this situation...!!!!!!!


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I met a girl at the bar last night. (I already met her 3 weeks ago but I forgot about her after I had a few drinks and forgot I even saved her number in my phone.) Anyhow, I didn't recognize her but she remembered who I was. I told her I didn't remember her but she came up to me and gave me a little hug that felt sooooo good. The whole time at the bar we were talking and eventually holding and playing with each other's hands.


Eventually she took me outside the bar in a private area and I started playing with her hair and kissing her. She was really into it and it was really good. She went to say goodbye and dragged me into the area outside again. It was so hard to stay away from each other. The attraction was just so intense. I ended up leaving a little mark on her neck. She said once "im trying to be good...i dont want to forget about the 3 day rule"


then she asked me if I wanted to go to the beach the next day. She asked what time and I told her I would call her at 12. When I called her she said it really wasn't beach weather but she would call me back in an hour and see if it clears up. When she called me back she said that the weather wasnt really that good but she wanted to do something later on. I asked her what time and she said "around 6." I got off the phone with her that time and she called back about an hour later (at this point it wasn't 6 yet, it was probably around 3) and she said "my stomach kind of hurts right now and I dont want to end up blowing you off so give me a call another day."


So I was thinking of calling her tomorrow and at least seeing what she is up to. Would that be the best thing to do or should I wait a couple more days? Do you think shes doing anything on purpose like trying to play games? I was thinking that maybe she is trying to get me to go crazy over her and thats why she made the plans and then didnt want to do anything later on. It wasnt raining outside or anything like that, but she said it "wasn't beach weather." Any suggestions??

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