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Two dumpees together for the wrong reasons?

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My friend and I have just gone through messy breakups. She was with her ex for 5 years and I was with mine for about a year (but I was madly in love). Both of us were dumped for the same reasons (they saw us more as friends then lovers or some blah blah crap).


Anyways, we have gotten closer and closer and last weekend we crossed a line. We were at a party where other people were with their significant others, kissing, holding each other, etc. She looked so down and sad; I felt so bad for her. We ended up alone out front together and I hugged her, we got closer and started kissing. She said we shouldn't do this, I said I was sorry and if she wanted to stop I would. She said she didn't want to stop and so we kept kissing. Things got pretty hot that night, but we slowed down because we thought it wouldn't be good to have sex for the wrong reasons. It took almost everything we had to stop. She said later she was glad, because she didn't want to feel like a tramp sleeping around.


She has mostly guy friends and they all like her and flirt with her. Part of me thinks that she makes out with some of them, but my gut tells me that I'm the only one. I have a few girl friends, we flirt and hug and put arms around each other, but I don't make out with them. I like to think that what I have with her is special. We've gone out every night since and with the exception of one time where we were together by ourselves, we were with friends. And yes, every night together we have kissed, sometimes for a lengthy time.


What I'm trying to say is what we're doing wrong? We both aren't looking for relationships, but I like being with her. We have deep conversations about things. Usually with her other guy friends it's jokes and giggles; the same with me and my girl friends. But between the two of us while we do joke and flirt, it is more intimate and close.

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The chances of this relationship working out, is low.

She looked so down and sad; I felt so bad for her


It's classic rebound and if you want anything with this girl (or want to know what you want at all) either you need to back off or try not to get carried away to qickly...although the advice you'll get, is don't go there, take some time.

It's likely you'll get hurt, you both will and although it's great having someone there...neither of you have given yourselves enough time.


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