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Get... Out... Of... My... Head!

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For those who are interested/care, thread detailing how the break-up happened can be found here -


Anyway, I dumped her on Apr 23 after a very unsatisfying 3-year relationship. I immediately initiated NC which worked out rather well, except with a few interruptions. Our last contact was on June 14 (my birthday) when she just called to wish me a happy birthday and to mess with my head a little bit.


Anyway, the problem is, it's been over 2 months of more or less decent NC - and I still can't get her out of my head. I deleted her and all her friends on Facebook and Hi5, wiped out all reminders of her at home - and she's still on my mind.


Honesty, all I want right now is for her to get out of my head. We're not in contact anymore, and I don't want her back either (frankly, she doesn't deserve me).


So, the question is, any ideas on getting past the stage where you keep thinking about your ex, not in terms of wanting them back, but in terms of what they did to you and how poorly you were treated?


Thinking about her generally makes me feel depressed and ruins my day - and all I really want right now is to move on.



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I am the same as you. Splint end of May though.


I know the feeling. Just want to forget her and move on. I am not even that upset anymore, I wish I could have a love lobotomy to forget her.


For certain periods she is removed from my thoughts then BANG, I remember her again.


Staring to really get a bit angrier with her now. The way in which she left, the email to say we could have a break which then transformed into a split. Her patronising letter telling me to 'have a great summer', the fact she called me 'a perfect boyfriend' only to then read aloud from a list of my faults.


Really, who the f*ck does she think she is? Leaving after 7 years and expecting it to be done and dusted in a couple of weeks.

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Leaving after 7 years and expecting it to be done and dusted in a couple of weeks.


Heh... My ex was at it 2 days after we broke up. I told her I needed time to move on, she called me selfish and hurtful because I wont stay in her life as a friend.


...you dumped me babe...

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Aussie, I don't know how it's obvious for you that I shouldn't have dumped her considering that I didn't even explain in this thread why I broke up with her in the first place. Please check the link I posted (if you're interested, that is) to see why the break-up happened.


To summarize, it was the right decision and I don't regret it for one moment (she didn't deserve to be with me, it's that simple) - the problem is that just because I know it doesn't stop me from thinking about her nonetheless.


And, to be honest, I think therapy might be an overkill in this particular case I guess Godwin really described the way I feel atm, so if anyone can propose any solutions, I'd be glad to hear them

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