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The thing about crowds (clicks), they welcome you in at first, the “more the merrier” sentiment seems to be innate, but as soon as it gets too crowded someone is always ousted from the inner circle and so on. The smart ones cut their losses and leave, the unfortunate ones desperately try to re-enter (foolishly) the circle only to be elbowed in the face or kicked in the balls. And some bum rush the entire crowd...


who are you in this mess?


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Anger "Management"


How often do you find yourself yelling at inanimate objects? For me it's almost on a daily basis. But of all the things that get their share of unpleasant words(door, mailbox, cold floor, cold toilet, missing socks, etc) none are as tormented as the toilet paper. Silly as it may seem, it is true.


I yell at it when it's not there on the roll. I get mad because I think it has bailed on me when I need it the most.


When I am fortunate enough to look before I sit and think to myself "this time I'll make sure there is tp" only to be disappointed that the tp is gone, leaving its wrapping in the mini stockroom under the sink. It makes me angry and a little sad, I ask the absent tp "how dare you not be here! where are you?" As if it had a life of its own...


But despite our love/hate relationship, I am understanding and let it be, when it wants to take a plunge and go for a swim in the toilet. It's his funeral. On to the new guy! (even though its tough to get him going at first).


The point is this; although it seems I need help with my anger, my truth is, that I rather yell at random inanimate things that don't give a damn about my mood swings or the reason I am mad at them. They have no feelings, they cannot respond to my insults, and they don't need me. I rather direct my feelings this way, I think we all should, its silly but no matter how upset you get by things that happen in any crappy day, or how stressed out you are, you can't help but smile-maybe even laugh! I feel good knowing that at the end of the day, no matter how horrible it was, no one but the toilet paper got the worst of me and he understands me all to well and no matter where he goes I can always find him.



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Did you know the whole world is here for us to see?


Of course it is! What with all the technology we have, we can see anything anywhere in the world via the internet. Talk about voyeurism! Experience I believe is feeling and you can't feel things through the internet, you only think you do, it gets the engine going, but not the car moving.


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